''History of Masjid-e-Ayesha''


''History of mosjid-e-Ayesha'' 


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Today our content is for you history of Masjid-e-Ayesha or Masjid-e-Taneem. We know The Mosque is the best pray place to all worldwide Muslims. So viewers, we discuss a mosque ummenul-mominin Hazrat Ayesha (r.) mosque. Lets go discuss to everything.

The mosque is the most favorite place of Allah. So there is a historical background behind the construction of every mosque. Masjid-e-Ayesha is located in the Tanim area of Mecca. It is the closest place to Mecca outside the Harem. Six Kilometers north of Makkah on the Makkah-Madinah road located in Al Hizra ihram of Umrah is interrupted from this mosque. 

The mosque is a unique example of Islamic history and art. Ummul Mu'minin Hazrat Aisa Radiyallah was the wife of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). According to Islamic tradition, he is referred to as Umm al-Mu'minin or the head of the people of the world. In terms of age, she is the youngest wife of Muhammad (PBUH). In terms of age, she is the youngest wife of Muhammd (peace be upon him). Aisa Radiyallah Anha was born at the end of 613 A.H. in early 614 A.H. Takbide Abu Bakar Radiyallah Tayala Anhu And Umme Ruman. According to reliable sources, Aisha (may Allah be pleased with her) was married to Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) at the age of six. But his married life started at the age of 10 after nine years. Prior to this he spent his post-marriage years as a child in Pitralaya. After the first wife Khadija Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha, Ayesha was the most beloved wife of the Prophet. In a hadith, a companion asked the Prophet whom he loved most in the world. The Prophet replied Ayesha. Another hadith shows that Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala built Anhar's house in such a way whose door was directly towards the mosque She was the only woman who was revealed while standing in front. When Aisha slandered Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha, the Prophet (SAW) came to speak directly to Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha. It was revealed to Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha while she was sitting at home.During the lifetime of Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha, several well-known rules of Islam such as veiling of women were introduced.Muhammad Apart from husband-wife relationship, there were many intellectual relationships He gave a lot of knowledge and ideals to Hazrat Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha. He asked many Companions to learn Islamic law from Hazrat Ayesha Radiyallahu Ta'ala Anha. Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was with him till his death and breathed his last in his arms. The Muslim community regards Hazrat Aisha as the Prophet's wife with great respect and honor. Also his contribution to the history of Islam is undeniable and very important. 

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